Linda Theresa Young

Linda O'Day Young, passed peacefully from this Earth early morning on Saturday, December 23rd, 2017. Her husband, Rick, and three biological children, Max, Brynn, and Faegan were at her side as she passed. Linda was Blessed in her last 3 days to be surrounded by her husband, children, siblings, nieces, and close friends.

Linda is survived by her husband, Rick, her children Mandy, Max, Brynn, and Faegan, her grandchildren Logan, Zayne, Maeve, and Mirabel, brother Joe, sisters Mary, Eileen, Janet, 6 nieces, 4 nephews, best friend of 58 years Margaret Greene, and an incredible network of friends and theatre family. In passing, she joins her parents Irma & Francis Garner.

Linda was someone who knew exactly who she was. Below we have shared what she wrote about herself in January of 2015, just a few weeks after being first diagnosed with pancreatic cancer:

My name is Linda O’Day Young.
My legal name is Linda Theresa Young.
I was born in Washington, DC and was given the name Linda Theresa Garner. I am the 3rd child of 5.
With confirmation my name grew to Linda Theresa Cecilia Garner.
I attended St. Francis de Sales in DC from k to 5th grade.
St. Jerome’s , Hyattsville, Md grade 6-8.
Regina High School, Adelphi, Md
University of Maryland, College Park.
With marriage, I became Linda Theresa Gipe.
With divorce after 8 years, I took the name O’Day. It represented the me I needed to rediscover. In my marriage, I had lost myself or allowed myself to be lost.
O’Day is an old family name which was changed to Day by my Irish ancestors, who were eager to fit in and be accepted in America. I only cared about accepting and embracing my true self.
I decided to restore the name to its Irish roots and use it as a foundation on which to discover and build my sense of who I was.
Upon my second marriage I became Linda O’Day Young. I happily now know who I am.
My best qualities are my undaunted ability to dream, to believe and to be amazed. I also remember what its like to be a child.
I am Life Companion, Mother, Grandmother, Sister and Friend.
I am the Youth Theatre and Education Director at Raleigh Little Theatre.
I am Teacher, Director, Actor, Writer, Poet, Curriculum Designer, Advocate for the Arts and a tough chick when I need to be.
I am liberal in my views and passionate about my work in theatre.
I think in images, not words.
I follow my heart in making decisions.
I love Honesty, Vulnerability, Generosity,  Openness, Positive Energy, Social Justice and Sincere straight on chest to chest Hugs.
I despise dishonesty, big egos, injustice, greed, entitlement, discrimination, bullying and phoney side hugs.
I am a Lover and a Fighter.
I am Linda O’Day Young.


Please use the link below to visit the Linda Young Memorial Fund page.