Adam Joshua Statz

It is with heavy heart that we announce the passing of our beloved son, brother, uncle, cousin, friend. Adam was the caboose of our family - the youngest of nine brothers and sisters. He faced many struggles in his life - trying to find a place in our nest and in the world. In this world, the challenges are real. False gods permeate our lives, social media, our peers, the need and media bombard us daily telling us who we should be. We sort through all of this in our own ways and hope to make it out with as few scars as possible. Sometimes we succumb to idol worship - dependency. Adams struggles were very real to him and to his family. We were there for him through his battles; tending to his wounds and watching him get back up day after day to face his demons. Most recently, Adam was excited to have started a new job and couldn’t wait to share that with his family. He was a hard worker, a phenomenal cook, and an inspiration to our entire family. His willingness to help and the love he spread throughout our family is unrivaled. God left us behind and we will forever cherish our memories with our precious boy.