Shari Lisa Goldberger

Shari was born in Washington D.C. at Georgetown Hospital to Julian and Sylvia Ann Goldberger on December 8, 1962.  She passed away peacefully on April 19, 2019 at Fair Oaks Hospital in Chantilly, VA after dealing with a challenging illness over the last few years.  She was 56.  She was very close to her father and grandmother (Freda Stryer Goldberger of Boston, MA) who both preceded her in death.  Shari was an incredible person with a strong-willed fighting and independent spirit.  When she was born with a disabling condition, her parents were told not to expect much from her, nor a very long life.  With advocacy and love from her parents, Shari well surpassed all expectations-graduating from high school through special ed, receiving work training, and obtaining a job with the government which she took pride in for 35 years, and retired from only a year ago.  Shari was able to live independently, and  most recently with her best friend Frieda Lowry, whom she's been close to her entire adult life.  Shari is survived by her mother Sylvia Ann, her sister Trina and brother-in-law Jeff, brother Blaine, aunt Janice, nieces and nephew, several loving cousins, best friend Frieda Lowry, and her "second parents" Barbara and Robert Lowry and family.  Shari has been an inspiration to us all and will never be forgotten.  She will be sorely missed, may her bright shining spirit rest in peace.