Sara Sue Lucas

Sara Sue Lucas, age 79, of Ashburn, Virginia passed away peacefully on Thursday, September 19, 2019 at home in Ashburn, Virginia.




Sara was born in Frankfort, Indiana to Charles and Elizabeth Lewis Stewart on February 17, 1940. She attended Frankfort High School, graduating in 1958 as a member of the National Honor Society and of Evola Sorority.  Sara was active in Girl Scouts all during her high school days and was a scout leader during the summer months.  In 1958 she entered Ball State University and pledged to Pi Beta Phi Sorority.  She graduated in 1963 with a BS degree in American History. While in college she was a member of the student senate and was active in the college Young Republicans Club.  She was honored by Pi Beta Phi in her senior year as the outstanding member of the sorority.


She met her husband James Walter Lucas in high school in 1957 and they were married in 1962, while in college.  They lost a daughter to an uncommon birth defect shortly after birth. After, she and her husband Jim graduated from college in 1963, Sara worked at the University Book store while Jim finished a master’s degree in political science waiting to enter into active duty with the US Air Force (USAF) in 1965. They spent a year in San Angelo, Texas for Jim’s initial military officers training and four years in Darmstadt, Germany where Sara worked as a personnel officer for the US Army’s European newspaper, Stars and Stripes. Their daughter Catherine (Cate) was born in the USAF hospital in Wiesbaden and they all returned to the US just in time to see Neil Armstrong walk on the moon in 1969.


Sara and Jim spent the following year in Washington, DC, where Jim was a student at the Defense Intelligence College, and then served a year in Vietnam and Thailand. During this time, Sara bunked out to assist her mother – after the loss of Sara’s stepfather who died three days before Jim left for Southeast Asia.  Sara and Jim moved back to Washington on his return and Sara lasted at home with Cate for about three years before wives’ clubs, neighborhood tennis, and playground duty became intolerable pastimes. She worked as a substitute teacher (K-3) for four years and subsequently served for a year as the Director of Youth Activities at Bolling Air Force Base in downtown DC. She was unable to obtain professional employment because of Jim's military status - he was subject to worldwide assignment.


Jim left active service in early 1977 for duty as a senior civilian at the CIA.  Sara spent a year in the yard, garden, and orchard of a grand house in Potomac, Maryland. Jim continued weekend duty with the USAF reserve while Sara started to work at CIA in September 1978, in a clerical position just to get a foot in the door and to have something to talk about with Jim other than Cate's braces or planting pachysandra. Sara’s initial assignment was as a GS4 clerk - jobs were graded 1 through 15 -- in the Telephone Branch of the Office of Communications in the Directorate of Administration. The Company (CIA) was composed of four Directorates, the other three being Intelligence, Science and Technology, and Operations.


As a career Intelligence Officer at CIA, Sara rose from GS4 to GS15 in less than 12 years and received outstanding performance awards each year for 20 years.


Specifically, her assignments at CIA were as follows:



Sara was a fantastic wife to Jim for 58 years and phenomenal mother, mentor and guide to Cate.  She was also a person you could trust, a fiercely loyal friend to many and enemy to none. She was a detailed planner and organizer, the sparkplug that kept things going for the family; she had a keen analytical mind and was an outstanding editor and writer.


In addition to her accomplished career, Sara enjoyed:



Sara left us too soon.  She is survived by her loving husband Brigadier General James Walter Lucas, USAF Retired of Ashburn, Virginia; her daughter Catherine Lucas Fulkerson, son-in-law John David Fulkerson; and granddaughter Sara Anne Fulkerson of Reston, VA.


I lieu of flowers, the family requested that you donate to one of the following foundations in the name of Sara S. Lucas.  Both were near and dear to her heart.


Pi Beta Phi Foundation -


Colonial Williamsburg Foundation -