Janice Leonardo

Obituary of Janice Lynne Leonardo

Services will be private.

"This month has been full of such anguish and pain for my mother, and though her battle was over before we could even fight back, she faced her trial with such courage and bravery despite the uncertainty that laid before us. The pains of life are no longer her burden, she is free and goes now to our father in heaven, rejoined with those others that have gone before us.


Remember my mother for her smile and laugh and her boundless love. Her love for babies, that once she got a hold of she would not want to let go. Remember her for the love she had for her family, her siblings, aunts and uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews. She loved all of you and wanted to see you happy. She loved my father her husband, fighting for his cure and comforts till the bitter end. She loved her friends, many of whom she worked with, and have been an amazing support for our family. She loved her dog Sassy, her little companion that brought her such happiness and joy during these last few difficult years. She loved outer space, watching all the documentaries she could; her favorite celestial bodies were the nebula's which she could spend hours just looking at images of. She loved family get togethers and boy did she love crab feasts! She loved her son, so much so that I could never repay the gentle kindness and tender devotion I received throughout the years.


I am ever thankful for all of you that helped to shape my mother's life, the joys and the sorrows, the good times and the bad, all these things that make up the story of our lives. Thank you, may my mother have colored your lives for the better and may her memory live on in you."


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