Peggy St. Clair

Obituary of Peggy Carroll St. Clair

A traditional obituary for our mom seemed a little stuffy and not a true reflection of who she was. Mom was still the girl from the holler in so many ways, humble and kind to everyone she met. As her daughter, she wasn’t only my mom but my best friend, and our relationship was different than the one she had with my brothers, but that was one of her gifts. Mom knew what each of us needed from her to be the people we were meant to be required the guidance, love, and advice to be as unique as we were.  I am honored to share my mom’s life story on behalf of our family.  


Deep in the southwest corner of Virginia nestled within the Appalachian Mountains, Peggy Carroll Smith was born at home to a coal miner and his wife in October 1944.  The middle of sixteen children, Paul and Lola (Nash) Smith would eventually welcome into their humble Wise, VA home.  After graduating from High school, she followed her identical twin sisters Martha (Nadine) and Mary (Adine) to the Washington, DC area, as many do for the job opportunities available.  Peggy worked at Geico Insurance Company, where she met her first husband, Michael Lloyd, who she married in April 1967.  In January of the following year, their daughter, LaDonna, was born, and within a few years, they welcomed their fraternal twin sons, Darvin and Marvin.  A few years later, the family moved to Herndon, VA.  In 1981, Peggy married her second husband, Paul St. Clair, a long-time Herndon resident and owner of Dulles Park Barber Shop.  


Peggy began what would eventually become her lifelong career as a nanny after the birth of her sons.  Over the years, many children came into her life. She loved each of them as if they were her own and did her best to keep in touch.  She shared in many happy celebrations and shed tears for the heartbreak experienced by all of her children.


Peggy was given the gift of genuinely caring for people.  She truly loved people, and everyone she met was a friend.  Coming from very humble beginnings, Peggy had a true pay it forward spirit of giving.  She gave freely of the resources available to her.  Always willing to listen and provide guidance if that was what you needed and even if you didn’t always want to hear it.  If Peggy was in a position to be there for you and help, she did so without hesitation.  


Peggy loved her large family and was fiercely protective of them all.  Her faith in God was unwavering, and she showed the love of Christ to all she met because, as she would say, we are all God’s children.  


Peggy was blessed to have so many who loved her left behind to carry on her legacy.  Paul, her loving and devoted husband of forty-four years, loved her children and grandchildren as his own, caring for her to the end.  Her daughter, LaDonna Snellbaker (Craig) who has lost her mother and friend.  Her son, Darvin Lloyd, who lived at home, kept a watchful eye over her and will be reminded of our loss when she isn’t there to greet him.  Her son, Marvin Lloyd who loved her in his quiet way.  


All of her grandchildren held a special place in her heart, and she in theirs.  William Snellbaker made her a grandma and bequeathed her the title of Nina.  David Lloyd (Darvin) lived in her home and will miss her daily guidance, and with the birth of his daughter, Luna made her a first-time great-grandma.  John Snellbaker was her Johnny Boy, and his dimples would win her over every time.  Mason Lloyd (Marvin) spent his High School years living with his Nina and Papaw and joined the Navy when he graduated.  He would surprise her with visits that she enjoyed beyond measure whenever he had leave while stationed in Norfolk.  Delaney Lloyd (Marvin), her much-awaited first granddaughter with a strong independent spirit she admired.  Remy Lloyd (Marvin), her second granddaughter, whose determination and scholarly achievements made her very proud, and she looked forward to seeing all of her successes.  Lance Snellbaker came along when she thought there would be no more grandchildren.  Lance surprised her even more because, after all of her years as a nanny, you were her first preemie and made her realize no matter where we are in life or how old we are, there is always a new lesson to learn.


Peggy was very close to all of her siblings and will be missed by her surviving sisters and brothers, Sisters, Lenora Crabtree (Noel), Martha ‘Nadine’ Smith, Mary ‘Adine’ Smith, Sue Pentley (Jack), Gay Gray (Jack), and Karen Ogan (Doug).  Brothers, Damon Smith (Wanda), Mack Smith (Barbara Lee), and Paul Smith II  (Joy).  Being from a large family means numerous nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, and uncles who love and miss her.


Peggy also touched the lives of so many friends she made along the way, which were many since she made a point to talk to everyone she met.  We can’t thank some of her friends enough for the friendships they shared, especially our neighbor Ms. Paulette who helped us every day and helped make it possible for Peggy to be at home, which was her favorite place to be.


Peggy’s love for life and for all she knew overfilled her heart.  Leading her to the next stage in her journey to be with her parents (Paul and Lola), brothers (Robert, Conley, and Albert), sisters (Missouri, Pauline King, and Virginia ‘Jenny’ McGinnis) and close friends waiting for her to join them. 


As everyone who knew her knows. Peggy signed everything with a heart because she loved you and footprints because you never walked alone.  So it only seems fitting we do the same.  




God selected the perfect mother to love and guide us because he knew what we needed.  We will miss you terribly but we know your work here was finished.  


Until we meet again,

| \/ |
\    /
  \/   LaDonna, Darvin, and Marvin ooooo
                                                                 (     |
                                                                  \_ |







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